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Charming Charlie in Firewheel Town Center - Featured Business

I was out shopping with a friend at Firewheel Town Center a couple of years ago when we came upon a new store called Charming Charlie.

Charming Charlie Firewheel Town Center
Charming Charlie Firewheel Town Center

I had never heard of this store, so was intrigued. We walked in and I noticed immediately how all their merchandise was separated by color on many tables throughout the store. I bought a few pieces and kept going back. I found the personnel to be very friendly and helpful and always enjoyed shopping there. They have every accessory you can think of - necklaces, earrings, purses, scarves, and lots more.  And they even have clothing and shoes.

So while thinking about my next Featured Business, I, of course, thought of Charming Charlie and then asked for permission to publish this blog article about their store. There are many Charming Charlie stores around the metroplex, but this one is in Firewheel Town Center store in Garland, Texas.  Here is the relevent information about the company and this particular store:

  • Address:
  • 430 Winecup Way
  • Garland, TX 75040
  • (972) 530-2458

Here is an image I captured while I was there.  I wanted you to see how beautifully everything is displayed:

Charming Charlie Color
Charming Charlie Color

Because I recommend wearing mostly solids for your senior photography session, it is fun to add a little pop of color by adding a necklace or a scarf, for example.  And accessories are quick and easy to change out so you will have more looks to choose from on your final portraits.

I hope you'll go to Charming Charlie and take a look around. I find it is especially helpful to wear the blouse I'd like to find an accessory for.  That way, I get the right length necklace and I am sure to get a color that is perfect with it.

Thanks for reading!

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