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What does Dallas Luxury Senior Photography mean, anyway?

I don't want to work with a zillion clients. I don't want to shoot a bunch of sessions each day.

I love working closely with my clients. When I go to a senior's home for a consultation and she starts bringing out clothing from her closet to show me, I get so excited!

I help her choose shoes to wear with a certain outfit and accessories that might work.

The senior and Mom quickly start to get a feel for what photographs best and what they will feel good in. It's a collaboration.

When the session starts, I have already talked at length to the senior and a parent because I've gone to their home for an in-person consultation.

Just a phone call won't do for a consultation. Meeting me prior to the session means the senior will be more relaxed when the picture-taking starts. We've planned ahead. We've laughed some and experimented during the consultation.

I want to find out what the senior loves.

Maybe she is a ballerina or maybe he is a baseball player. Maybe she loves Batman. At the in-person consultation, I'll encourage her to dress in a way that reflects what she loves. I'll encourage her to bring her beloved guitar so that we can use to tell a story about her life.

So when I say "Dallas Luxury Senior Photography", I mean that I take great care with each client because I'm not distracted. I am focused on creating artwork that shows the best side of each senior. With clothing that is flattering so she will feel her best and look her best. And to not be something she is not.

Gosh, I love these kids. My hope is that this shines through in my work.