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Today, I want to talk to you about a Dallas senior pictures collage I created for one of my clients. OK, well, there are three of them, so let me explain. I did a family session for a family one of the first years of my business.  The oldest child was in her early teens, as I recall, and the boys were at that stage where they weren't too excited about being there. Despite that, I am pretty sure I showed them I wasn't so bad to work with. I have boys, myself, so I totally get what it's like for them. Girls usually have a much easier time with the whole experience.

Anyway, they grew up and one at a time, the family hired me to do the children's senior pictures. In case you don't know, the firstborn usually kind of sets the precedent. If Mom orders a certain package for the oldest child, she often wants consistency with the other children. We decided a collage might be a nice way to commemorate the children's senior years, so I created one for the oldest daughter.

Here is the first one:

Dallas senior pictures collage
Dallas senior pictures collage

She was so beautiful with that beautiful red hair and the colors she chose to wear. Such a gorgeous young woman and very sweet, too.

Then, a couple of years later, the older boy became a senior. I had created this brand as my senior brand and he was one of my first senior models. This young man is an athlete, so we wanted to feature that.

Dallas senior photography ideas
Dallas senior photography ideas

Finally - and sadly for me and Mom, I'm sure - the youngest is a senior this year. He is a musician, so we wanted to feature that:

what to do with senior pictures
what to do with senior pictures

These are 20x24 collages. I framed them myself with a 1" black matte and a simple hardwood frame (not shown). I love going to their home and seeing these displayed. It's so much fun to celebrate the differences of each child in a family and to meet and work with them individually.

Completing the senior sessions for one family is bittersweet to me. I have gotten to know this family and the Mom and I have become friends, so I am happy that I'll be able to keep up with them. But, it's also a little sad. I know from my own life, too, that the days last forever when they are little, but you look back and wonder where all the time has gone.

Being able to preserve these memories for families is one of my greatest joys in life.

If you'd like to do this for your own family, schedule your senior's appointment today. Thanks for reading!

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