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Dallas senior portrait products can vary from photographer to photographer. One hard part about being a photographer is plowing through the zillions of products that we have access to and finding the ones that best suit our clients' needs I am about to deliver an order to one of my senior model clients and I wanted you to see what some of the items look like. Here you go:

Dallas senior portrait products
Dallas senior portrait products

Ever heard about the psychology involved when we make choices?  When we have too many choices, we get overwhelmed. Know what I mean?

That's why, after looking at what my clients like and what they buy, my products are pretty straightforward - album, wall art, gift prints, canvases, and digital files. I don't give a ton of options on the album, either. Mostly, it's just a cover choice. My clients give me feedback on the album layout and I make changes as necessary. I want to make choosing images and products as simple as I can for them because I know they are busy people and most of them are overwhelmed enough as it is.

This particular client wanted digital files, so I included those on a custom DVD with a custom case. The little mini book is not for sale; I give these as client gifts sometimes. But they are just darling and my clients are so excited to get them.

In the box are the individually wrapped 8x10s that my client purchased. They are all mounted on a very high quality wood surface, which ensures they never wrinkle; this surface also gives them a choice of displaying the prints on a small tabletop easel or in a frame. And they are sprayed to help protect them. As with all photographic prints, you do not want to display them in direct sunlight, as they will fade over time.

All that being said, if there is a product you must have, I can almost certainly create it for you, so please just ask!

The very day it looks like spring is here to stay, the few spring appointments I offer will be gobbled up. If you need a spring appointment, best to book now. Thanks for reading!

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