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plano senior portraits by Studio You Portraits
plano senior portraits by Studio You Portraits

What To Wear For Your Dallas Senior Portraits

This is the first in a series about what to wear for your senior portrait session.

Without a doubt, the number one question seniors (and parents) ask about their upcoming Plano portrait session is this:  What clothing do I wear to the Dallas senior portraits session?

I do an in-home consultation as part of my process.  I encourage the seniors to bring clothes out of their closets so we can put outfits together that will look good in front of the camera.  Let me say that again in a different way.  Some outfits look great in person but do not photograph well.  

This blog series is designed to put you at ease when it comes to choosing clothing for your senior photography session.

The first big idea for senior photography sessions is that solids almost always photograph better than prints.  In my estimation, there are a couple of reasons for this.

First of all, when I look at a portrait, the first thing I should be drawn to is the subject's face.  If the subject has on a print, my eye will go immediately to the print.  Make sense?  Try this yourself by looking at images in a magazine and see where your eye goes first when the model is wearing a print and then when the model is wearing a solid.

The second reason is that prints come and go fashion-wise.  Think about it.  Maybe your Mom has clothes in her closet from 20 years ago.  If she does, take a look and pick out the ugliest shirt or dress you can find.  Chances are it is a print.  You're laughing, right?  You know it's true.  There are classic types of prints but there are many, many prints that will look really dated after just a few years.  (I'm thinking of those patterned pants I bought at the end of the season once and by next year, those prints were OUT and I never wore them again.)  So, bottom line is to stick with solids for your senior portrait session.

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If you have more questions about clothing or booking an appointment with Studio You Portraits, give me a call at 214.783.9691 or e-mail  I look forward to hearing from you!