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Some Favorite Documentaries

Not only do I enjoy non-fiction books sometimes, I also love a great documentary. Though, I admit, those are hard to come by. Netflix is my friend in this regard. And so is The Angelika.  My husband and I swap out who picks our date night venues.  I find that if we do it this way, at least one of us is completely happy.  I found when we both discussed date night plans, we ended up with a mushy compromise where nobody was completely thrilled. And there was too much, "I don't know; what do YOU want to do?"  We're too polite sometimes. So you can bet I choose the Angelika in Plano fairly often when it's my turn to pick.

I don't keep a list, though, like I do on my books, so I had to do some digging. This is a new-found joy for me, so my list is pretty recent and I've missed some fairly obvious revered documentaries, which I intend to catch up on someday. Here are some documentaries, though, I highly recommend. And it's pretty diverse, but admittedly, mostly light, so there is something for everyone here:

I've missed some big ones, I know. I tend to not like really depressing movies.  To me, movies are an escape, and there is enough bad stuff in the world that I don't need to escape into something depressing. Have you seen any of these?  I'd love to read your comments below.

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