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What to wear?
What to wear?

Clothing For Your Fun Plano Senior Portraits Session

Welcome back!  This is part 6 in a series on clothing for your fun Plano senior portraits session. To summarize, wear solids, create a waist, accessorize, create length with sleeves, and create length with high heeled shoes.

I have saved the best for last, though.  Are you ready?

Here goes.

Be yourself.

All these ideas are not rules.  They are merely suggestions.  There is plenty of time in one of my senior photography sessions to change clothing.

Do you have a favorite pair of boots you want to wear?  Please, please, please wear them.  Do you have a sleeveless dress that you feel great in?  Again, wear it.

The whole idea behind a senior photography session with Studio You Portraits is to capture the essence of who you are during your senior year in high school.  I want you to be yourself. The purpose of this series has been to spell out what generally looks good.  Take it or leave it.  It is your session.  And, again, if you bring more than one outfit, and you end up not liking how one looks inphotographs, you'll have others.

I trust these posts have helped you as you prepare for your senior photography session. Remember, an in-home consultation is part of the package at Studio You Portraits.  You can pull outfits out of your closet and I'll be thrilled to give you my opinion.  But, these will give you a good head start.

If you have more questions about clothing or booking a senior photography appointment with Studio You Portraits, give me a call at 214.783.9691 or e-mail  I look forward to hearing from you!