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Choosing A Senior Photographer in Dallas

When the oldest child becomes a senior, parents can sometimes be confused about how to pick a senior photographer.

In this article, I will try to clear up some confusion and give you a little quiz at the end to see if Studio You Portraits might be a great match for you.

First, let me explain something about the school's contract photographer.

The School's Photographer

Often, the high school has a contract photographer. This is someone who photographs the yearbook pictures. This service is usually totally free; you don't have to purchase anything. And the image goes in the yearbook.

You can choose to purchase images, of course, and use those for your wall decor or for graduation announcements.

Or you can even hire that photographer to do more casual pictures of your child. But you aren't required to. There are options....

The First Decision

So, the first decision you will need to make is whether you want to use the school's contract photographer or not. The downside of using such a high-volume photographer is that you are not likely to get very much personal service and customization. There just isn't time for much of that in a high-volume business model.

Something Different

If you decide you do not want to use the school's contract photographer, it's time to start looking for other options.

Of course, I hope you choose Studio You Portraits! How about taking this little quiz to save you some time and get right to the point?