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McKinney Senior Portrait Before And After

Meg came to her McKinney senior portrait session with the clothes we had discussed during her in-home consultation a few weeks prior.  Meg favors black clothing and happens to look great in black (not always the case, in case you are wondering), so, for her session, she brought a black sweater and some jeans. At the consultation, we also discussed bringing accessories, so she brought a couple of different scarves to the session, one gold and one red.

Have I mentioned how much I love scarves?  If not, I'm telling you now.  Scarves can totally change an outfit.  They can give an extra boost of color, add more interest around the face, brighten things up, or create a mood.  Or all of these things.  (So if you love scarves, please do bring them to your session and I'll work with you to come up with a look you will love.)

At the session, I recommended we do some shots with the gold scarf and some with the red scarf.

Meg loved the gold scarf so we did a few shots with it first.  Here is one of my favorites:

Plano senior portraits girl with gold scarf
Plano senior portraits girl with gold scarf

The gold scarf goes very well with her surroundings.  I liked the way the gold scarf looked.  But then she put on the red scarf:

McKinney Senior Portraits
McKinney Senior Portraits

To me, the red scarf brings my eye up to her pretty face and her sweet smile. There is no right or wrong here.  My point is this. By bringing extra accessories that are easy to change, you instantly change the look of an outfit.  These two portraits create two very different moods, in my opinion, and part of it has to do with Meg's scarf.

Do you agree?  Do you prefer one over the other?  I'd love for you to post your thoughts below.

Remember, a consultation is part of every senior session I do and there is a reason for it.  It helps ensure that your senior will look her best. Bringing some outfits that are simple, where an accessory change will totally change the outfit, will give you more options on looks, poses, and moods.  Clothing does not always photograph the way you think it might so options like a scarf change are great!

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