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Necklaces Add Sparkle

I've talked several times here about accessories because I think they are important for senior portraits.  They give an outfit a little polish and sparkle if they complement the outfit.

If the outfit is a neutral or one color, I especially like a necklace with a little pop of color. Take your outfit to the accessory store to try it on with the outfit if you can.

Remember that necklines are important when you are choosing a necklace. A long necklace looks really nice with a turtle neck sweater, for example. For an open neckline, it might be stunning if the necklace ends at the collar bone or sometimes a choker fits the bill.  Just experiment!  I love the multi-strand necklaces that are popular now as long as they aren't too heavy and overpowering.

Remember to always be fashionable but not super-trendy.

One interesting thing to do when choosing clothing is to look at a color wheel.  The complementary color to the one you are wearing is the one directly opposite on the color wheel. So you can choose a necklace that is the complementary color to the main color in your shirt.

I remember when I was first learning photography, I did a lot of still life images. I'd actually take the color wheel to Central Market's flower shop to pick out the right color flowers for my set up.  You can never go wrong with wearing complementary colors. They always look great together. If you are feeling really adventurous, try three colors to make a triadic color scheme. These are three colors that are equally spaced across the color wheel, like this one.

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Here is a pretty necklace selection I created on polyvore:

Necklaces Add Sparkle

Silver jewelry

Long necklace

Kendra Scott necklace

Silver filigree necklace

Kendra Scott necklace

Forever New blossom necklace

$23 -

ALDO necklace