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I started thinking about the process I like to use for Plano senior photography. It's not complicated and it's all at your convenience, but there are a few steps. This has been swimming around in my head for months now, but I didn't know of a good way to represent it without using many words. And then I remembered this cool book. And, today, the first day of school for my kids, the first day the house has been quiet in about 12 weeks, I had a Eureka moment.

The book is called, "I Love Charts".  My husband, Paul, and I are kind of nerdy that way. We  love charts. So I bought it for him as a gift. It's pretty hilarious and great for the nerd in your life. One of my favorite charts in it is this one. If you were alive in the late 70's and listened to the radio at all, you'll get it. Give you a hint: it's about a famous Steve Miller Band song.

But, I digress.

Yes, Venn diagrams are among the most elegant and beautiful ways to display data, but I needed something to easily show the method I've perfected over the years that ensures I give my clients the best possible photographic experience for their seniors that they can have.

I was so inspired today that I created an infographic to show it you how it works:

Plano senior photography how it works
Plano senior photography how it works

That pretty much sums it up! I love working closely with each and every client to create something really special.

To read the blog post about the consultation, click here. To read a blog post about the ordering session, click here.

From the initial e-mail to the fun consultation to the session to the ordering session to delivery of your product, I am thinking about how best to capture something memorable for your senior and your family. If you want a custom experience and custom portraits, I hope you'll consider Studio You Portraits.

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