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plano senior portraits by Studio You Portraits
plano senior portraits by Studio You Portraits

This is the second in a series about what to wear for your Plano senior pictures session.

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As I said in Part 1 of the series about senior photography, clothing that looks great in person does not always photograph well.  For example, wearing a shapeless top may look great in person, but it might not not be flattering in a portrait.  Don't get me wrong;  I'm not saying you should ditch comfort. I'm all about comfort.  But, for your Plano senior pictures session, consider sacrificing a tiny bit of comfort for something that is going to make a big difference in how great you look in your portraits.

Here are a few tips:

  • Look for tops and jackets that are fitted at the waist instead of full in the waist.
  • Look for clothing that has elastic at your natural waist.  A drop waist won't be as flattering because it will be accentuating a part of your body that is larger than your waist, namely, your hips or lower abdominal area.
  • If the shirt or dress can be belted, then, by all means, belt it.  An elastic belt is really comfortable and looks great, too!
  • Shirts that tie in the back can work well if they tie at the natural waist or higher.

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See some examples of what works in this section of my senior photography website.  If you have more questions about clothing or booking an appointment with Studio You Portraits, give me a call at 214.783.9691 or e-mail  I look forward to hearing from you!