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Plano Senior Portrait Looks for Summer

We know how hot Texas can be in the summer.  But you can still do your senior portrait session!  We could do it indoors or in early summer, before it gets too hot outside.  With the right makeup, you'll be just fine.  In fact, the makeup artist I recommend uses airbrush makeup that lasts through heat.  Remember, lots of brides marry in the summer.  Your one-hour session will be a breeze compared to that! I was playing around to find to find some Plano senior portrait looks for summer.  There are three looks below.  Click on each one to read the commentary below the images.

Senior Portrait Looks for Summer




I chose some shorts for this first look but dressed it up with a little dressy purple blouse.  Notice how the blouse has a waist.  Defining your waist is very important for every girl.  I chose the black wedges to give a little weight to the foot and to give some height.  This will make legs look longer.  I added a simple necklace to finish off the look.

For the second outfit, I wanted something a little dressier.  I chose a striking strapless red dress.  To me, strapless is too bare for a portrait session, so I paired it with a simple white jacket that has 3/4 length sleeves.  Because red is a warm color, I chose gold for the necklace.  And the dress is not too long, so the strappy red sandals are perfect.  Plus, again, the heels add a little height, which lengthen the legs.

Finally, I saw this blue blouse and I was inspired.  A blouse like this would be PERFECT for a senior portrait session.  It has a waist.  The color is fabulous with lots of different skin tones, and it's breezy and light and feminine.  It just cried out for white on the bottom, so I chose some white pants or a white pencil skirt.  Pencil skirts accentuate curves and are not for everyone, but if you can pull it off, go for it.  (Just be sure to wear the right undergarments if it is a fitted skirt.) Because the bottoms are light, I thought the sparkly shoes would go well with it.  They don't compete with the beautiful top, which, to me, is the focal point of the outfit.

Like these?  Thoughts?

Remember, Studio You Portraits does a custom in-home consultation.  In fact, you can even add on a service where I go along shopping (on-line or real shopping) to give you advice on what will photograph well.

If this sounds like fun, schedule your daughter's senior portrait session today by e-mailing me at or calling 214.783.9691.  Thanks for reading!