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Sweaty Work at Plano, TX Senior Photography Session

I have to wear short sleeves or thin shirts all year round when I'm taking pictures.  If you want to hug me, be sure to do it early in the session.  Ha!  I get pretty sweaty and gross.  I don't even notice I'm sweaty most of the time because taking pictures is like play to me.  When I get in the zone, there is peace and calm and I shut out everything else except the person I'm photographing and all that involves (lights, camera, etc.).

Every once in a while, I do a session where the temperature is way hotter than it had been for weeks.  Alexa's session was one of those.  But we had had it scheduled for a while, she had makeup scheduled, and we decided to go for it.

It was about 105 degrees.

She was such a great sport, though, and she looked gorgeous, as you can see.

Plano, TX Senior Photography Session

This Plano, TX Senior Photography session was in downtown and it was definitely a sweaty one.  Alexa changed outfits a few times at a close-by restaurant where she worked and she gulped a lot of water while she was in there.  I tried to minimize how much she had to walk because she had on these really great heels and because I wanted to make her as comfortable as possible.

Downtown Plano Senior Portrait Session


We ended up with a couple at the crosswalk.  I had a little trick for this.  I waited until the train came by just down the road because I  knew it would stop traffic.  I never want to put anyone in danger, including myself!  I loved this shot of Alexa!

Plano Senior Portrait Downtown Session

So there is my sweaty confession.  I'd do another session like this in a heartbeat.  Downtown Plano has interesting colors on some of their walls and it's not too crowded if you time it right.

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