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Prom Dress Senior Photography

One of the perks of being a senior model at Studio You Portraits is that you get to participate in sessions other than the main senior photography session. This year, I wanted to try a themed shoot for my senior models. My  original idea was do to a prom dress senior photography session but summer sneaked up on me. So, I decided it would be easiest for everyone to do them mid-afternoon and indoors.  I am super picky about the light, so outdoors at that time of day would be no good.

Even though I do not have a studio and prefer to work on-location, I have all the equipment and expertise to do studio portraits.  So I called the church at First United Methodist in Sachse and asked if I could rent their gym.  They have always been so nice to work with me, so I appreciated being able to use it once more.

I asked my senior models from the Class of 2014 and those from the Class of 2015 (and one from the Class of 2016) to participate. Five girls came, all dressed in their prom or party dresses. It was an exciting day! They all looked so beautiful.

Let me back up a bit, though. When you see these portraits, you are going to notice that they do not look like they were taken in a gym. That is because I planned the whole shoot ahead of time and used digital backgrounds. So I had to plan out my lighting to work with the backgrounds I chose so they would look realistic.  And then I had to add shadows and other changes during post-processing.  What that means is that there was a ton of work to remove each girl from a simple background and place her onto the digital background.

But I loved the way they turned out!

This first pose has a little attitude to it, which went perfectly with the background I chose.  I love the muted background colors, the contrast from light to dark, the camera tilt and the composition of this one. She looked gorgeous!

Prom Dress Senior Photography

I enjoyed the color of her dress with this background. This model is so beautiful and fun to work with:

Urban Prom Dress Senior Photography

It was fun to put this gorgeous model in sort of a grungy setting.  The irony of that comes through here and her cream-colored dress really makes her stand out:

Prom Dress Session Plano

I loved how this model looks in this urban setting. Such a gorgeous girl!

Urban Senior Photography Dallas

The light that I chose for this next one came together perfectly with the background as did the fan to blow her hair. The contrast of her dress with the background really worked well, too. So beautiful!

Senior Photography Prom Dress Richardson

So while this isn't my normal type shoot, I do enjoy changing it up now and then.  There are so many possibilities for senior photography.

Why not call today to discuss your daughter's senior photography session?  Please call 214.783.9691 or e-mail me at Thanks for reading!