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Richardson senior photographer
Richardson senior photographer

I am a Richardson senior photographer and am going to tell you a non-photography related and somewhat embarrassing story. Are you ready?

I dressed for church in a dress and some cute little high-heeled shoes, grey leather sling-backs with 3″ heels.  After church, I took the boys to lunch. The restaurant was right by Target and I really needed some groceries.  For a moment, I thought about going home and changing shoes and clothes, but then decided that, instead, I’d save time and energy (and gas!), and just pop on over to Target after lunch.  In my high-heeled shoes.

One of my sons wanted to push the cart.  They were both behaving at the grocery store, for once.  (If you have small children, I know you know what I mean.)  There was no, “Mom, can I have [fill in the blank]?”.  No whining, no fighting, no complaining.

During the shopping excursion, I was faced one direction but needed to turn around and go the other direction down the aisle.  As I turned around, I quickly realized that my younger child was right there beside me.  To avoid running right into him, I stumbled a bit in those shoes and never could regain my balance.

Instead, I slammed into the shelves.  And, wouldn’t you know it.  One of the shelves I hit was full of boxed pasta.

Crash!  Slam!  Thunk!  The sound of the pasta boxes falling to the floor was incredibly loud!  After I picked myself up, the first thing I did – of course – was look around.  Whew!  Only one person seemed to be staring at me from the same aisle in the next section.

I bent down to Sam and asked him to put the pasta boxes back.  Because I was going to casually saunter to the end of the aisle to finish my shopping.  Cool as a cucumber.

I escaped all this with a couple of scraped knees and a scraped ankle.  And my back hurt a little. But, all in all, except for my wounded pride, I was lucky.  I could have easily twisted my ankle (thank you, yoga!).  I could have fallen down on my rear (thank you, again, yoga!).  I could have hit my head.  But I did none of that.

I came away virtually unscathed.  And very, very thankful for having a regular yoga practice.

On a side note, I am sure someone in security laughed his butt off that day.  It must have been quite a sight….

I hope you didn't mind my little story. If it's senior portraits you are after, take a look at my gallery page by clicking here.

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