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Senior Boy Photography

Yes, a lot of my content and pictures are geared toward girls, but I most definitely photograph senior boys, too. From athletes to musicians to actors, I've photographed many guys. Having two boys of my own really helps me, too, because I get a first-hand glimpse every single day of how different boys are.

So I approach the photography a little differently.  Being honest, many guys really do not want to be photographed.  They are "doing it for Mom" and they even tell me so. But some of them love clothing and making sure their hair is just right and seem to enjoy being photographed.

Rockwall senior boy photography
Rockwall senior boy photography

I do a consultation with every senior, guy or girl. I find with boys, it's still great to meet them ahead of time and talk to them (or the mom) about clothing.  The fact is that clothing is important.  With guys there are fewer things to fuss with, like the fact that accessories don't play into it much, but some concepts are still important.

Plano senior boy photography
Plano senior boy photography

Here are some ideas to think about for senior boy photography:

  • Plan on about 3 or 4 different looks. For example, that may be 2 pairs of pants and 3 shirts. Have him wear the first pair to the session with the shirt to be photographed in (unless it wrinkles, in which case I recommend putting it on at the session). Then change the shirt once with the original pants, then the second pair of pants with the second shirt and one additional shirt.  That gives the senior 4 different looks.  Some seniors want to dress up more and that's totally fine. Also, wearing a suit is a great way to add a little formality to the session.
  • Do care about footwear. Shoes will show and so will bare ankles if he doesn't wear socks (or if his socks do not match his clothing).
  • Be sure clothing is wrinkle-free, so iron or have items pressed at the dry cleaner if necessary.
  • Have him shave. And no worries about nicks - that is easily remedied during photoshop work.
  • No sunburns! You might be asked to re-schedule if he has a sunburn. It's very difficult to fix a sunburn in photoshop and costs extra if it's even fixable.
  • Don't worry about acne. Cleaning up skin is standard with every senior session.
  • Remove items from pockets before the session.
  • Bring items that interest him in case he wants to use them for a few shots - for example, sports equipment or musical instruments.
  • Bring his letter jacket or class ring if he has them.
  • Yes, he is allowed to have someone else in some shots with him if you want. Click here to read a blog post about that.

Does that give you some ideas about senior boy photography sessions? Yes, senior portraits are for the seniors but they are also for the parents. They will hang in your home for years and remind you of your son, so don't miss out or settle for the yearbook photo that looks like everyone else's. Do a custom session that really shows your son's personality instead!

Feel free to give me a call at 214.783.9691 if you'd like to discuss it or e-mail me at

Thanks for reading!