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Senior Photographer Quick Tip

Are you the family historian?  As you can imagine, that is one of my jobs in my family.  That is how I fell into this business, actually.  I started out by taking pictures of my family and realized that I had a knack for it and that I really loved it.  Maybe you, too, are the family historian.  Or maybe you just want to start improving the memories you are preserving in photographic form.  There are lots of ways to improve your pictures, but I want to start with the one that will improve your photographs the most.  The concept is called "filling the frame".

Filling the Frame

What this means is that your subject often should take up as much of the space in your viewfinder (and later photograph) as it can.  Sure, sometimes you can crop the photograph so that the distracting elements are not there, but you won't be able to enlarge the photo as much as you would have if you had filled the frame in the first place.  And you might not end up with the right size photo for the special purple-jeweled frame you picked out.  Plus, it's extra work for you, and who needs that?

To illustrate how to "fill the frame", let's say you are taking a picture of your child, Johnny, in the yard playing.  You begin to look at the pictures on the computer or cell phone and you notice that the child takes up a very small part of the photograph.  The rest of the photo is filled with toys, the dog, candy wrappers that Johnny refused to throw away, a soda can, and, furthermore, half the photo is of the sky (which, at midday turns out to be white in the picture).  But, you wanted to photograph Johnny, remember?  What to do about this? 

Eliminate the distracting objects from what you see in the viewfinder by getting closer to little Johnny (or by zooming in closer with your lens).  Get in a higher or lower position if you need to.  Allow your beautiful child to be the subject of the photograph so that when everyone else looks at the picture, they will see what you want them to see, (which is, presumably, not a general impression of your entire back yard).  And when you look at it, you'll remember why you took the photo in the first place, whether it was to capture an expression, record a funny moment, or whatever.

This composition is a little different in that her face does not take up the entire frame, but the distractions are few, which simplifies the image:

senior photographer quick tip
senior photographer quick tip

Of course, you can apply this "fill the frame" knowledge to all of your photographs, including landscapes, flowers, and buildings.  It is an important concept that will soon become habit.

Thanks for reading!

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