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Senior Portrait Scarf

There is this great gift shop in town where I like to shop.  (I hope to feature them soon in an upcoming blog post.)  My friend's husband was throwing my friend a surprise 40th birthday party and when I saw the black and white scarf at the gift shop,  I just knew she would look fabulous in it.  So, I bought it and had them wrap it up with another fun little gift I found there.  Turns out, my friend doesn't wear scarves and I didn't know that.  Not sure why, though.  I guess she doesn't feel comfortable in them.  (Kind of like I felt about ruffles on blouses at first, I guess.  But now I love ruffles!)  I was hoping she'd change her mind about the scarf but I still haven't seen the scarf. <sigh>

As you may already know, for senior photography sessions, I recommend solids. This keeps the portraits from being really busy. However, a little pop of color does wonders to an outfit.  And the cool thing about a senior portrait scarf is that it is easy to change to create a different look.  You can wrap it differently, too, which changes it up.

Here are some beautiful examples of scarves that would work with the right outfit:

Scarves to Brighten up Outfits for Senior Portrait Sessions

Do you have a favorite here?  Please comment below!

You can wear a great scarf with a jacket or sweater or with a simple blouse or dress.  But, if scarves are not you, don't feel that you have to wear one.  It is really important to me that a senior wears things she loves and is comfortable in, outfits that speak volumes about her personality and energy.  But if you like the idea of wearing a scarf and you haven't worn one before, try it out for a while before your senior portrait session. and see what you think.

If choosing clothing for your senior portrait session sounds like fun, call me today at 214.783.9691 or e-mail me at so we can talk!