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Senior Portraits Ordering Session

After the session happens, I get in contact with the Mom to discuss scheduling the ordering session, which usually occurs a week or two after the senior portraits session. Since I know how anxious everyone is to see some portraits, I've started to do some Facebook and Instagram sneak peeks.  This has been wildly popular, so I am continuing with it.

Anyway, the ordering session takes about an hour. I've created a system that makes it super easy for families to choose images to decorate their homes with, put into an album, place in graduation cards and custom announcements, and give as gifts to friends and family. Prior to the ordering session, I send an e-mail with specific items for the families to think about. Things like budget, where they want to hang a senior portrait on the wall, whether they want an album, and whom they'd like to give portraits to as gifts. Doing some planning ahead of time helps ensure the ordering session will go smoothly.

I arrive at the home and set up my screen, computer, and projector. This allows everyone to see the images from the comfort of their favorite chairs instead of having to crowd around a computer screen. (As you know, that can be difficult and not very much fun.) We start with a slideshow set to music so everyone can get a big picture of the session.  No need to decide anything yet.  I love for the families to sit back and enjoy the images first in the slideshow.

Next, we go through each image one by one and sort them into "Yes", "No", and "Maybe".  Nothing is ever gone for good but it helps clear out extra images that the families are not as fond of. We talk about how they want to use the images and I am there to answer questions, take a quick look at cropping for a particular size, etc. Since they've already thought ahead of time about how they want to use the images, it's pretty much a matter of filling in image numbers to go with each need.

Plano senior portraits

The feedback on the ordering session has been very positive. I have changed the process as needed to make it what it is today - a friendly, efficient, and fun time looking at and deciding which portraits would work best for you.

If all this sounds perfect for you, call 214.783.9691 or e-mail me at to set up your daughter's session.