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Senior Portraits Consultation

Jessica was a senior who wasn't that excited about being in front of the camera. She didn't like to call attention to herself. She did, though, like to feel glamorous sometimes and liked to dress up, though most people who knew her might have been surprised by that.  So when her Mom called me about a senior portraits session for Jessica, she told me a little about Jessica's reluctance and I assured her that, because I would be coming to their home for their consultation, Jessica would be a lot more at ease.

I am a firm believer in the in-home pre-session consultation for a few reasons.

First, it ensures we are not complete strangers at the photography session. Even under the best of circumstances - when I know my client well - it takes a little while to warm up in a photography session. So meeting the senior and her Mom ahead of time breaks the ice. They get to see I'm just a regular person who listens to what they want.

Second, it helps me get to know the senior's interests - what she loves, what she doesn't like so much, and what her sense of style is like. This way, I can tailor the session to meet her expectations (and yours) and to show your daughter's uniqueness and stress what is important to her. For example, maybe we want to feature something in the session that has meaning for her, like a favorite piece of jewelry.

Finally - and this is a really fun part - I encourage the senior to pull clothes out of her closet so she can show me what she is thinking about wearing to the session. We put potential outfits together, down to the shoes and accessories. We mix and match a little. I encourage her to bring several different looks to her portrait session, so that when she arrives at the session, we can collaborate to come up with a plan on what outfits to wear and what order to wear them in.

The consultation takes about a half hour and I try to schedule it at least a couple of weeks before the photography session to give you time to shop if you need to.

If this personalized, custom experience is what you'd love to have for your daughter's senior portrait session, call 214.783.9691 or e-mail me today at  I book months ahead of time so it's never too early to schedule.