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Start With Simple Clothing For Senior Portraits

Building outfits is tons of fun!  Sometimes, I fall in love with simple clothing for senior portraits and then I build upon it, adding shoes, accessories, or a jacket. I put together some recently to show you. Be sure to click the arrow on the right to see all 3 outfits:

Start With A Simple Piece




  • For the "Black, White, and a Pop of Red" outfit, I started with skinny black jeans. Black jeans or pants are awesome because they are slimming, they photograph well, and it's easy to find other clothing to match. I added on a simple knit top, which is gathered at the waist (in case you missed it, read about why defining your waist is important). Then I added a little pop of color with some platform pumps (which are younger than a classic pump). The red necklace balances out the shoes. Finally, I added a black trench coat, which you should wear for a few shots. Trench coats are so much fun and always very stylish.
  • For the "Pink and Grey Outfit", I started with a simple, pleated grey skirt. Notice again, the skirt defines the waist. The skirt flares a bit, which will de-emphasize the hips and accentuate the waist.  I chose a cream-colored, short-sleeved feminine blouse to go with it. To add some youth and fun to the outfit, I chose some cute pink heels. I love heels because they add length to the leg and add some height. Read here about my thoughts about wearing heels for senior portraits.I'd probably wear the floral necklace on the outside, if it's long enough. Every girl should have a simple, classic black blazer. It goes with lots of outfits. This one has a fitted waist (much more flattering than a boxy blazer) and would be great to add for a few shots at your senior portrait session.
  • Finally, for the "Simple White Dress With Multi-Colored Shoes" outfit, I started with a white jersey dress that had a little rouching. In case you are wondering, rouching is the gathering of fabric. You can see it here around the waist. Rouching tends to hide things you want to hide, if you know what Imean. You could definitely belt this dress, but it does have a waist, so it's fine by itself. I added a pop of pink with the shrug and found these fabulous shoes to go with it.  Wow, do I ever love these shoes! They would go with lots of different outfits. But, here, they add just a little pop of color and I think they would be perfect for a senior portrait session. I preferred gold jewelry with this outfit. And a hat would be a lot of fun to add to some shots. I tried different hats with this outfit, but thought a nice, black, floppy hat went well.

Does this help you in choosing what your daughter might wear for senior portraits? I'd love to read your thoughts below!

One of the benefits of working with Studio You Portraits is that I do an in-home consultation and will help your daughter put together outfits like these with clothes from her closet. Or, as an add-on, I can go with you two to shop for clothing.

Call 214.783.9691 or e-mail me at to get the ball rolling for your daughter's senior session. Thanks so much for reading!