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Studio You Portraits - A Cat Story

Still mourning the passing of our sweet Tonkinese, Scout, who had died just 6 months prior, we went to PetSmart for some cat food for our other Tonkinese, Dante. Actually, I think Dante was still moping around still, too. I always thought missed his buddy, Scout, whom he used to curl up with on the sofa every night.  Here is a picture of them:

Studio You Portraits Cats
Studio You Portraits Cats

Days before Scout died, he had given me a precious gift.  I had set up my studio lights in our gameroom for an upcoming photo shoot.  It was the full setup, backdrop and fake floor even.  To my surprise, one day, he slowly walked over to a spot on the fake floor and lay down on it, right in front of my studio lights. And he looked right at me with his sad eyes. Of course I grabbed my camera:

Studio You Portraits Cat Story
Studio You Portraits Cat Story

Such a sweet cat.  I still miss him.

Getting back to my story, my boys and I were in PetsMart schlepping some Science Diet cat food for Dante, when we spotted the rescue kitties in the back of the store. The grey one caught our eye.  I just KNEW that cat would be a good companion for Dante.  We walked up to the glass in front of him and he made eye contact with us.  We thought that maybe it was a sign.

So I went home and my husband, Paul, and I discussed getting another cat.  We were ready. So the next day, a Saturday, we four went back to PetSmart to pick out a new cat from the cat rescue.  The man brought the grey cat we had had our eye on the day before.  But the cat was scared and hissed at us.  Not a good sign!  I didn't want a cat that would be aggressive with my children. So we kept looking and meeting some other cats.

Finally, there was one, a huge cat with huge paws who was very afraid.  But she was beautiful and all the reports about her from the foster family were good.  They even remarked that when the cat rescuer had approached her group of cats in a neighborhood, this particular cat had jumped right into her car. That made me think she had probably been a pet at some point. So we adopted her on the spot.

The cat rescue group recommended we leave our new cat alone in a small room for a couple of weeks to allow her to get accustomed to the smells and not feel threatened, especially since there was another cat in the house.  It was difficult because we couldn't help it - we wanted to interact with her more - but we took their advice.  We figured that it was certainly better for her than being in a cage had been.

During those two weeks, I had a really hard time remembering the name the cat rescue had given her, which was Muriel.  I'm not sure if it was a good move or not, but we renamed her to Molly.

Molly was the shiest, most skittish cat I had ever been around.  I don't know if you know anything about Tonkinese cats, the breed that Dante and Scout were, but they are dog-like cats - playful, vocal, eager to please, even pesty.  Molly was the opposite of all that at first.  But she was sweet and not aggressive. It was a whole year and a half before she dared to sit in my lap.

We have had her for almost three years now and she is a completely different cat.  She is vocal, she is a lap cat (though a heavy one!), and she lets us brush and pet her all we want, pretty much.  But, since I am home most days and have put in the time, I am her favorite.  I think my husband is a little jealous, but I am the Cat Magnet of the family, a badge of honor I proudly wear.

A couple of nights ago, we were sitting around watching one of our family favorites, "The Princess Bride", when I looked over to see Molly with her large body on the arm of the sofa and her head on the end table. With lamplight as my source of light (and her source of warmth), I played for a few minutes and took some pictures, just for fun.  Here is my favorite:

Studio You Portraits cat
Studio You Portraits cat

Because photography is my career, on my time off, I don't usually want to take photographs.  But, I'm glad I took a few minutes to capture this image, though. Putting this little story together brought back some sweet memories.

Thanks for reading!

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