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Senior portrait locations are a fun part of the senior portrait experience.  Like clothing, location can add a lot of character to your portraits.  (Sign up for our enewsletter below to get your Free Style Guide for your senior portrait session.)

This is the next in a series talking about senior portrait locations in and around Dallas, TX.

I got a call about the sister of a senior I had photographed a few years prior.  Photographing siblings is really fun.  I enjoy working multiple times with one family; like my own two children, it's interesting to see how different siblings are. I'm always amazed.  And, right off the bat, on the second or third sibling, we already gotten comfortable working together.  So it is especially fun.

The sixth location I want to feature varies greatly from person to person.  In this case, the senior wanted hers done in a park where she spent a lot of time. I had never been to this park before, so when she started leading us down a trail to one of her hangouts, I was intrigued.  We photographed in the wooded area and then came out to an open field when the sun was setting.  She has such gorgeous hair and skin and the lighting showed it off perfectly.  I was probably jumping up and down as the sun was setting because I saw how beautiful the portrait was going to be.  Here is one of my favorites:

your favorite place for senior portraits
your favorite place for senior portraits

Do you have a favorite place where you love to spend time by yourself or with friends? 

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